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Below are links to my blog photo galleries. Please take note of any comments there might be associated with the links. Note that all the photos in the galleries are my copyright. They are also not full size and not full quality. If you want to use any of my photographs for non-commercial purposes you may do so without charge but it would be good if you had the courtesy to drop me an e-mail (contact details via the left hand navigation) to let me know. Under the same conditions (i.e. non-commercial) I would also be happy to send copies of the full sized originals on an individual basis.

Disznóvágásra (Pig Killing) 2010

A few general photos of the day
The pig killing and what immediately followed
PLEASE NOTE: This gallery contains graphic depictions of animals being killed for human consumption. If you do not like this DO NOT VISIT THE GALLERY!

You have been warned!!

Butchering and preparing the pigs
PLEASE NOTE: If you are squeamish, sensitive or otherwise have a problem with how an animal carcase is turned into food DON'T visit this gallery!
The feast
PLEASE NOTE: This gallery contains images of people eating, drinking, dancing and having a good time. If this offends your sensibilities don't visit this gallery!


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