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Do not read this page if you are of a nervous disposition, or unless you are prepared to face several weeks of depression at the prospect of the ideas presented - I did!

It all started in, I think, 2006. There was a TV advert to the tune and lyrics of " It's the End of the World As We Know It...". I thought I should have known who sang it, but couldn't remember. So, as you do, I looked it up on the Internet. Inevitably, there were pages of links to the lyrics but nestled amongst them was an odd man out entry. The by-line was something like "The end of American suburbia" and it was from the Baltimore Chronicle. I was intrigued!

I followed the link and read it. I outlined a phenomenon that I had not heard of, or at least thought about before. Peak Oil.

Since then I have broadened my outlook. I am now equally worried about global resource depletion and possibly even more about runaway global warming. The latter makes me think about my children, or grandchildren buying or renting land on the north coast of Greenland well above current sea levels. The former led me to the Club of Rome study originally published in the 1970s under the title of "Limits to Growth" and since revisited. You know, our biology teacher at school in 1964/65 taught us about this. Of course, being young, foolish and headstrong we prompty forgot all about it.

Regular readers of my blog know that I follow the weekly blog of John Michael Greer (on my links page). I also follow the writings of James Howard Kunstler - look him up.

Well, I fear that if runaway global warming does happen we are all doomed and a mass extincton event will follow. If not then at least those of us who have chosen to make whatever preparations such as I have will stand a better chance of survival than the teaming millions crammed into cities. Well, with no fuel for their vehicles and no easily available water I doubt that they would get as far as Halogy.


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